True MOB (Chemin de fer Montreux–Oberland Bernois/The Montreux–Oberland Bernois Railway)

MOB (Chemin de fer Montreux–Oberland Bernois/The Montreux–Oberland Bernois Railway)

The Chemin de fer Montreux–Oberland Bernois operates a number of routes from Montreux that are branded ‘Golden Pass’ trains.

The main route taken by MOB trains is 'The Golden Pass Route'  Montreux – Montvobon – Gstaad – Zweisimmen (in either direction).

Another route links Zweisimmen with Lenk.
Lenk-Simmental station has access to a lift and cable car to the Lenk-Simmental  winter sports area.



MOB operates FOUR  different types of train on the main 'Golden Pass Route between Montreux and Zweisimmen:

1: Panoramic* trains – that have particularly large windows

2: Belle-Epoque (Classic) trains that resemble a miniature Orient Express

3: standard trains that travel the length of the route between Montreux and Zweisimmen - stopping at all stations

4: local trains that travel on parts of the route only

*Panoramic trains also have a lounge at the end of the train for 360 views, seats in these lounge are limited, so reservations are recommended - a surcharge applies to the ticket price to travel in these lounges.

The timetable is arranged so that during the day there is 1 x train an hour in both directions between Montreux and Zweisimmen.

However, as will be seen above, not all trains making the journey are Panoramic or Belle-Epoque trains.

The MOB online timetable does not distinguish between the Belle-Epoque, Panoramic and standard trains.

However, if you look up journeys in either direction between Montreux and Zweisimmen, the standard trains are those with the longer journey times.

If you want to specifically travel on a Belle-Epoque or a Panoramic train check the timetable (it will open as a PDF)
The Belle-Epoque and Panoramic trains are clearly marked (purple for Belle-Epoque, yellow for Panoramic).


When travelling FROM Montreux to Gstaad, the best views are from the right of the train - when facing the direction of travel.

There are stunning views over Lake Geneva from both sides of the train as the train twists and turns on the ascent from Montreux, but the pick of the views are on the right hand side.

As the train turns inland, between the lake and Gstaad, the best of the views over the mountain valleys are on the right.

In addition to the views over Lake Geneva, the other two undoubted highlights of the journey are the views down on to both Gstaad and Zweisimmen - both of which can be seen after departure from Gstaad.

Between Gstaad and 
Zweisimmen the best of the views can be seen from the left of the train, when heading east from Montruex to Zwiesimmen.


(i) These MOB trains,
(ii) BLS trains **  between Zweisimmen and Interlaken Ost
(iii) Luzern - Interlaken Express trains operated  by ZB trains

can be taken in combination , in order to travel the  FULL length of The Golden Pass route between Montreux and Luzern.

What can cause confusion is that the ‘Golden Pass’ branding is now applied to a number of other train services from both Montreux and Vevey operated by MOB and MVR - in addition to the route between Montreux and Zwesimmen.

As a result the ZB trains, between Interlaken Ost and Luzern, no longer use the ‘Golden Pass’ branding.

timetable also has the details of the trains between Zweisimmen and Interlaken Ost (**some of which require an additional easy connection at Spiez) AND the Luzern-Interlaken Express ZB trains between Interlaken Ost and Luzern.


MOB also operates 'The Chocolate Train' between Montreux and Broc - the only direct train between Montreux and Broc.

When travelling between Montreux and Broc via Gruyéres by ordinary train, a change of train is required at Montbovon.

Seats must be reserved in advance of travel on ‘The Chocolate Train’ at Montreux MOB station and rail passes are not valid on 'The Chocolate Train'.


The MOB trains share a station at Montreux with SBB trains from/to Brig, Geneve, Lausanne, Martigny and Sion.

At Zweissimmen cross platform connections are available to/from BLS trains that link Zweisimmen with Bern via Spiez and Thun.
A few trains per day operate direct between Zweisimmen and Interlaken in both directions.

At Spiez easy connections are available into trains to Interlaken and to trains on two routes from/to Brig (1) via Visp and (2) the Lotschberger route via Kandersteg.


Ticket prices cost the same, irrespective if you travel by the Panoramic, Belle-Epoque or standard trains.
Tickets can be booked online
here (but you won't save money if you book online).

Rail passes including Eurail, InterRail and Swiss Travel Passes are valid on any train, including the Belle-Epoque and Panoramic* trains.
*Rail pass users have to pay the reservation fee to travel in the lounges on the Panoramic trains, but no other journey incurs an additional charge.

If you have a rail pass you can just hop on the train - though be aware that seats MAY be reserved and the reservations aren't shown  by the seats.


Eurail - free travel

InterRail - free travel

Swiss Travel Pass/Saver Day Passes - free travel

Tickets between SBB stations and MOB stations can be booked on the SBB booking service.

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