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About the station

What gives Strasbourg’s central train station, Gare de Strasbourg its wow factor is the huge glass canopy that encases the front of the station preserving its ornate architecture that dates to the 19th century.

This glass company sits in front of the older main station building, which houses the main concourse at the station - from where all the main services at the station can be accessed.


What won't be obvious when arriving at the station for the first time, is that there are three passage ways, which run under the voie/platforms and link them to the main concourse.

The central passage way in the middle of the platform, is accessed by stairs and escalators.

However, the north and south passage ways are accessed by stairs and lifts.

So if you arrive by train and are happy to use the stairs, then simply use the first staircase you see.

However, if you have luggage etc, you don't have to follow the crowd and head down the staircases.

Seek out the lifts or escalators.


Similarly it won’t be particularly obvious that there are three routes to access the trains when you enter Strasbourg station.

If you have walked from the city centre and use the main front entrance, you will see a passage way ahead of you that leads to the trains.

This passage way has stairs and escalators that lead up to the voies/platforms that the trains depart from.

If you want/need to use a lift to access the trains then they are available, but you need to use the two passage ways that lead to the voies/platforms, that are located at either end of the station.

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